For Buyers

TO THE VESSEL BUYER: Our mission is to get you the Ship or Vessel that will meet your requirements and business needs.

We will coordinate the independent survey with a surveyor of your choice. We will also provide you with their contact information and if you require financing, we will make the necessary arrangements for you too. We will study your vessel requirements and ensure that the strictest standards are applied to meet all the requirements provided to us. Set your worries aside, we the team at are here to make you another happy client.

We are a trusted business partner and our commitment is to you. Ship World Brokerage will always hold steadfast our first priority which is to act ethically and efficiently to meet the goals and objectives of our clients.

We have a sizeable team of experienced ship brokers who are able to deal with a great majority of vessels (Various Types and Sizes). This includes vessels such as tug boats, tankers, container vessels, multi purpose vessels and more. We also have a global network of shipping companies and professionals that we support and in turn provide us the opportunities for effective collaboration on various projects to meet our high standards. With access to a valuable resource and using the latest in communication technologies, we are able to provide you with the most up to date, timely and accurate information. Our vision is global and we service clients from all around the globe.

We have established a very healthy presence in the area of sales and purchase of vessels. With a sizeable client base amongst the world’s shipping companies, some of which are notable and prestigious, we are proud to say that you can expect premium service from us all year round. Armed with the latest knowledge of the shipping industry and at times acting as valuators for ship owners, we are proud to extend our services to you too.

As Sale & Purchase brokers, we at will not hesitate to provide you with with the necessary information on ships that you would like to buy. Rest assured that we are also able and willing to provide assistance to you to negotiate on a particular transaction on your behalf. We would like you to make the most informed decision when buying a vessel through us as well as feel comfortable that you have some of the most professional and capable individuals working side by side with you. Key information is vital to good decision making and we are very aware of that. Therefore, if you have need any assistance from us in any way in relation to the sales and purchase of vessels, do contact us.