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Container Ship 2 For Sale

DWT : 8,700 dwt on 7.05m draught Built : 11/2002 Bodewes Volharding - Holland Class : BV Holds : 2 deck, 3Ho/3Ha Grain: 12,855 cbm Dims : Loa 132.2, B 15.87, D 9.65m Containers : 552 TEU, 25 reefer Cargo gear : Cranes 2x40t M/E : MaK 8M32C, 3840 kW The details of this... read more

General Cargo Ship For Sale

DWT: 5,099 dwt on 6.47m draught Built : 10/2000 Jingling-China Flag : Liberia Class : GL Holds : 2Ho/5Ha, Folding covers Grain/Bale : 255.000 cbft Containers : 518 TEU (270 TEU/14t), 58 reefer Dims. : Loa 100.55, B 18.5m Cargo gear : Cranes 2x40t M/E : MAK 9M32, 3960... read more

Container Ship 1 For Sale

DWT : 11,208 dwt on 8.71m draught Built : 02/2006 Sietas-Germany Class : GL Containers : 862 TEU GRT/NRT : 9990/6006 Dims : Loa 134.44, B 22.75, D 11.3m Cargo gear : Cranes 2x45t M/E : MAK 9M43, 11419 bhp The details of this vessel are offered in good faith but cannot... read more

Bulk Carrier Vessel For Sale

DWT : 7.560 on 7,01 m draught Built : 02/2008 Universe SB-China Flag : Italian Class : BV Holds : 3Ho/3Ha, folding covers GRT/NRT : 5087 / 2625 Tanktop streng : 21 t/sqm Cargo Gear : Cranes 2x20 t Dims. : Loa 112.8, B 17.2, D 9.1m M/E : Daihatsu 8DKM-28, 2500 kW 750... read more

Japanese Container Vessel For Sale

Deadweight: 8713 mts on 8 m draft Built in 1995 in JAPAN at MURAKAMI HIDE Class: RS SS: 1/10/2014 DD: 1/1/2013 Intake: Nom: 500. Cellular Gross: 6384 / Net: 3340 LOA: 115,02 m - Breadth 18,24 m - Depth 11 m Holds: 4 Hatches: 6 Gear: 2 X 36t CRANES ME: B&W 8L35MC... read more

Fire Fighting Tug Boat For Sale

Fire Fighting Harbour Tug Boat, JG Near Coastal Class Keel Laid: September, 1991 Launch Year: December, 1991 Built Year: February, 1992 Builders: Kanagawa Shipbuilding Company, Japan Gross Tonnage: 233.00 ton Dimensions: Loa 36.10, Lpp 34.50, Bmld 9.00, Dmld 3.80... read more

Crew Boat 002 For Sale

Crew Boat 002 BUILT Year : 1997 Class : BV Builder : Network Marine Inc. USA Flag : PanamaCAPACITIES Fuel oil : 7,338 Gal Water : 7,604 Gal Free deck space : 1040 SQ.FT Deck cargo capacity : 40 long tons Accommodation : 7 crew, 40 pax (seated) , fully air conditioned... read more

Crew Boat 001 For Sale

PRINCIPAL PARTICULARS Length Overall : 30.55m Breadth Moulded : 7.72m Depth Moulded : 3.65m Draft (Max) Moulded : 1.88m Built : 1997 by Network Marine Inc. USA GRT/NRT : 169/50 Class : Bureau Veritas Notation : I, Hull, MACH, Crewboat, Unrestricted Navigation Flag :... read more

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